Saturday, April 29, 2006

Reflections on T4G

As I mentioned in the First Epistle this week, from Wednesday to Friday I was involved in a ministers' conference called Together for the Gospel. You can find out more about it here. 3000 ministers (2/3s of them under 45) gathered in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Galt House for this celebration of biblical, Gospel truth and grace.

There is a good bit of feedback already out there in the blogosphere. Here's a sampling.

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ajcarter said...

Hello Ligon,
It would have been an honor to have met you during the T4G conference. Lord willing, there will be more opportunities in the future. If we are ever in the same place at the same time, we must make sure we make it happen.

Thanks for your faithful labors. Because of your admonition and example we are all more encouraged to preach the "whole" counsel of God.

Your friend T4G,

Steve Weaver said...

Thank you for all your efforts in the conference. I've heard over and over again that your message on preaching the Old Testament was the best ever heard on the subject.

BTW, your sermons on Romans have been a tremendous source of encouragement as I have preached through Romans over the past year.


Ligon Duncan said...


Thanks for the note. I'll look forward to meeting you soon.

Your friend,


Ligon Duncan said...


Thanks for your kind comments about T4G, and the message on Preaching the OT. May the Lord be glorified and his people helped.

Glad the Romans sermons have been a good resource too.

Your friend,


Tim Challies said...

Dr. Duncan,

I was glad to be able to meet you just before we all went our separate ways. Thank you for your ministry to us this week. I continue to pray that God will build and strengthen His kingdom through what was said and done at what was truly a remarkable conference.


Woody said...

Dr. Duncan,

Thanks for the message on preaching the O.T, it was encouraging to a young aspiring pastor.

I would be honored if you would link my blog to yours in reference to the T4G conference and any comments you leave would be gladly accepted.

It is

Peter Bogert said...

Dr. Duncan:

Words can't express my/our gratitude to you four men for the finest conference I've ever attended. It was a great encouragement, contained great admonition, and refocused us on our great salvation. Thank you so much!!

Peter Bogert said...

Oh yes - we want the rap on DVD and/or audio.

thearmoury said...

Dr. Duncan -

Your message about preaching from the O.T. was a great blessing - I thank the Lord for it. The continuity from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant does herald the truth that the Lord is faithful and keeps His promises - what a great encouragement that is! But I do have one tender petition for you: the next time you do a "rap" - I would advise that you warn your audience in advance so that they can flee for their lives...really...I'm still recovering from it all ;)