Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Brad Mercer Reports on Gene Veith's take on the Narnia Movie and kids

Brad quotes Gene Edward Veith of World Magazine fame as follows: "I saw the Narnia movie last night at an advanced screening. Reviews are supposed to be embargoed until the movie comes out, so I shouldn't say too much. Suffice it to say that, yes, the Christian theme of Redemption comes across loud and clear. The movie changes some things in the book--leaving out and adding in--and while some of the changes detract from the message, others actually add to it. You will definitely want to see this movie. You can take the kids, unless you have a child who is unusually affected by scary stuff. (There are "gotcha" surprises, some ugly monsters, and sadness at Aslan's death, but the latter is quickly turned to joy when he rises again and there is no gore or bad language.) Once you see it, there will be LOTS to talk about. Let's plan on doing that here. On Friday, for the weekend blog, I'll post some discussion threads and we can talk it through."

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