Friday, January 27, 2006

An Update on Mary Mohler's Dad

Last night, at around 7, Mary Mohler's Dad went home to be with the Lord. I talked with Al about three hours later, and sent him our love and condolences - assuring him of the prayers of God's people here at First Presbyterian: for Mary and her Mom, that they might know the peace that passes understanding, even in their great loss; for Al, as he preaches the funeral, that in spite of the emotional challenge of bringing the message at his father-in-law's memorial service (with whom he had a deep bond of affection), he would be able to proclaim the Gospel clearly and powerfully.

While we will greatly miss Al being with us this weekend, we are so thankful in God's mercy that he has been able to be with his wife and mother-in-law through the whole of this dark providence. The funeral service will be on Monday in Louisville, KY.

By the way, he wanted to assure me of his desire to come again soon, and I told him we would take him up on that! Meanwhile, we are looking forward to having Randy Stinson with us tonight.

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