Saturday, January 14, 2006

South Africa

Aslan having lunch and a sunset view of Table Mountain (Cape Town). The latter taken from the roof of the home I stayed at for a couple of days.

Well, someone had to go!

Yes, I'm back home and finally a little rested after a 42 hour journey home and more issues with luggage. And if you're wondering about what my mother called "smalls", I had packed some in my "carry-on" but since I was the last one to board, I heard the attendant say, "No more roller boards" and my hand luggage was put in the hold and I never saw it again!

What do I recall?

  • a missionary couple with a mother back in Denver with Alzheimer's and wondering what they should do
  • the numerical strength of Reformed Baptist folk
  • a healthy "Church of England in South Africa" congregation which must be friendliest that I've ever been to
  • the ministry of Ronald Kalifungwa of Zambia (who is returning to his native country this month after several years in South Africa) who spoke powerfully on racism and the Bible
  • the gentle piety of Martin Holdt (Pretoria)
  • waking up to discover 3 "Beagle" dogs stretched out on the bed!
  • roast lamb (yum yum)
  • talk of cricket (South Africa are currently playing Australia and doing badly!)
  • being licked by a fully grown cheetah (with a video to prove it!)
  • the beauty of the country
  • a visit to the Huguenot museum near Stellenbosch and seeing a copy of Calvin's 1536 Institutes

And in case you're wondering, I spoke on the following themes at three different conferences (mainly to ministers):

  • The Relevance of Gresham Machen in a postmodern age
  • Spiritual Desertion: the masks of melancholy in Bible portraits
  • Romans 6 as a biblical-theological motif in the understanding of the Christian life


Anonymous said...

Aslan looks like he is "definitely not safe."

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back.