Monday, January 16, 2006

Growing up is soooo hard!

A 2 month old lion cub taking a little afternoon siesta in Pretoria, S. Africa

Growing up is difficult. Ask any teenager!
But we are meant to grow.

"Grow in grace" (2 Peter 3:18).

We are to grow in our love for Jesus;
grow in in our usefulness;
grow in wisdom and discernment.

But we are also to grow downwards! "He [Jesus] must become greater and I must become smaller" John the Baptist said (John 3:30). Pride blows up like balloons, but grace punctures. Just like some modern clothing that claim to be "shrink-proof", some Christians also appear resistant to shrinking in the presence of God.

The puritan Philip Henry, father of the more famous son, Matthew Henry, when accused of making too much of repentance said that he wished to carry repentance with him to the very gates of heaven.

"May the Lord make your love grow and overflow." (1Thess 3:12)
"Faith is flourishing and you are all growing in love for each other" (2Thess 1:3)
"I pray that your love may abound more and more" (Phil 1:9)
"Train yourself to be godly" (1Tim 4:7)
"Let us become mature" (Heb 6:1)

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