Monday, October 05, 2009

I Love Thy Church, O Lord: Gleanings from Past “Pastor’s Perspective” Columns in the First Epistle

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

During the summer we received an encouraging email from a young man who serves as a research assistant for a well-respected evangelical theologian. In the course of his weekly duties, one of the things he regularly did was scan the pages of our First Epistle (the weekly church newsletter of First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS, USA). Along with his kind words of appreciation, he had a suggestion to this effect: “Why don’t you re-post past editions of the “Pastor’s Perspective” column for easier internet access (and in a way that people could more easily track them, for instance, via their feed readers).”

Well, we discussed it and thought it was a good idea. Though many back issues of my and Derek’s columns are archived on the First Presbyterian Church website (, you kind have to know where to go to find them. We thought to ourselves: re-posting these articles via the church blog would make it easier for people know about and to get to the material.

Starting next week, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, we are going to be posting many of the “Pastor’s Perspectives” articles, going back as far as 1996. It is our hope that as you read some of these articles, they will encourage you in your Christian life, and increase your knowledge of how God works with His people.

It is also our prayer that you will benefit from reading these, as much or more as when they were first written and published.

Your friend,
Ligon Duncan

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