Thursday, January 29, 2009

Men's Bible Study: Old Testament Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

I've received a host of good questions about the FPC Men's Bible Study the last several weeks, and since the questions are fairly similar in nature, I thought it appropriate to post short answers to your questions here.

Can I sign up even if I know I'm going to miss from time to time? Yes! The study is designed for you to step in an out if need be. As with most things, the more you can attend and participate, the more spiritual benefit you will receive. However, personal and work related conflicts will arise from time to time, but please don't let that keep you from signing up and being a part of the study as often as you can.

Can I bring friends or co-workers who are not members of First Pres.? Yes! This Bible study is primarily a place for the men of FPC to read God's Word together and enjoy gospel fellowship. But this is also the kind of study that has broad appeal to all Christians. So, please feel free to invite friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone you believe would benefit from a study of this nature.

What materials, other than the Bible, do I need? The only materials you will need are a Bible, a pen, and a journal/binder for notes. You will receive a weekly handout which could be placed in a binder for safe keeping.

What is the format of the Bible study? Each week the study will include teaching, Q&A, and prayer. The goal is to keep the teaching time to around 30/35 minutes, which leaves roughly 10 minutes for Q&A and 10 minutes for prayer. This may change slightly from week to week, but this is generally what you can expect from week to week. The Bible study will aim to finish around 7:30a.m. every week, so you can make it to work on time.

Should I want to study the Old Testament on my own, what resources would you recommend? Next week I will provide you a bibliography of resources on the Old Testament. If you are interested in going further than our weekly meetings together, please let me know. If there is a great interest in going further in some areas of the Old Testament, I would be glad to help and assist you, and even find a separate time for us to meet and discuss. FYI: I will specifically recommend Ryken's Bible Handbook, Leland Ryken, et al. (Tyndale, 2005) as the one resource I would strongly encourage everyone to pick up.

There may be other questions swimming around in your head. If there are, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. I can be reached at

Before I go, let me remind you to sign up if you have not already. Many of you have stopped me in the hallways at church and expressed interest in the study but weren't exactly sure if you could commit. If you definitely plan on attending some and haven't yet signed up, please take a moment and send Shannon Craft, Administrative Assistant of Discipleship, an e-mail at But if you forget to sign up, don't worry; just show up next Tuesday, Feb.3, in Miller Hall at 6:30am. We will have plenty of space and food for you.


Donna Dobbs said...

Are your lessons going to be recorded and available for us in the Library?

Nate Shurden said...

Good question, DD.

I'll see if we can make that happen.

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

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