Thursday, December 11, 2008

Newsweek on "Gay Marriage"

Responding to Newsweek's "religious" case for "homosexual marriage"

I've been asked by folks in the congregation and without, for solid resources rejoining Newsweek's travesty of an article that purports to make a biblical case for "gay marriage" (but only after explaining that it's stupid to appeal to the Bible to defend one's view of marriage!). Well, here are a few.

Robert Gagnon, of Pittsburgh Seminary, who is an acknowledged and published expert in this whole area, has written a devastating rejoinder, here.

Christianity Today (online) has responded too: here.

Al Mohler weighs in here.

Mollie Hemingway of drops an atom bomb here.

JT links to some good Tom Schreiner sermons on the subject, here.

Or search the CBMW site, starting here.


Evers said...

If I may, I think Frank Turk weighs in with a slightly different approach, but no less powerful. And arguably more powerful, as it presses home that the church of Jesus Christ has failed in upholding a God-centered view of marriage before an increasingly secular world:

Ligon Duncan said...

Thanks Evers. Yes, I like Frank's piece. Thanks for providing the link.

Anonymous said...

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