Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Father Facts

"Dad, I love you." Sweet words from a seventeen-year old boy basking in the glow of a well-pitched baseball game. I will treasure those words from last Monday night.

Men, if you are not familiar with Ken Canfield's, National Center for Fathering, be sure to check it out. It is worth your time. Below is a small sample from the site:

"My dad is the best dad ever. I would kiss a pig for him." 1st grader

"My dad is a Frito-Lay man. That is an important job because Frito-Lay means chips, which is food. That is so important because you could not live without food." 1st grader

"The dad in my life isn't really my dad. He's my Grandpa. But he's been like a dad to me since before I was born. . . .I hope that as I get older Grandpa will teach me all the stuff he knows about wood, and first-aid, and everything else he knows about. My Grandpa isn't my Father, but I wouldn't trade him for all the dads in the world." 3rd grader

"…You know what else my dad does? He braids my hair. I'm the only girl I know whose dad braids her hair. I think that's a perfect dad. He already is the world's greatest dad to me. I just wanted everyone to know that." 5th grader

"One time I had an assembly and I was a soloist and my dad was in the first row and after my song I smiled at my dad and my dad smiled back and started crying. That was the best thing I ever saw." 6th grader

"Since my real father couldn't care for me, after my mother died my uncle took me to live with his family. . . .He saw me through rough times and was there to put a light in the darkness. My uncle will soon no longer be just my great uncle but the greatest dad I could ever have dreamed of having. He is now officially adopting me. There is no way I can live without him. I know that he knows that I love him. No matter what happens I always will. He means everything to me. I will stand by his side as he stands by mine, and never forget what a great father he is." 7th grader

"Fatherhood is a lifelong commitment. I have seen through my father's actions, words, and decisions that he will be committed to me and my life from the second I was born, almost 13 years ago, to the day I die....Even if you assembled the most brilliant team of scientists and artists there was, there still is no possible way you could duplicate my father." 7th grader

"Although we have a firm foundation, there is one thing I would like to hear more of. . .I wish my dad would say that he loves me more often. I know he does through his actions. I mean, what kind of dad would do all this for someone he didn't love. But every night before I go to bed I say: `Night Dad. Love You. See You in the morning.' And he says, `Uh huh!' I wish that sometimes he would say I love you back." 9th grader

"We do not always agree, but generally get along well. He has helped me through some tough ones such as, dare I say it, puberty. He has even given me the "boy talks." He was the one that talked me through my first break-up. If I would have had a choice, I do not think that I would have chosen anyone else for my family. He may not be the best guy in the world, he even admits it, but I love him." 9th grade girl

"...I finally am getting to tell someone what a wonderful father I have…. My dad and I have a beautiful relationship that is indestructible. I love him with all my heart. I would be nothing without him in my life… He will always be the best father in the world to me. I love you Dad!" 10th grader

"I don't know what it is to have a father. I see people that have one and wish I had mine. I've always wanted to feel the love of a father. Sometimes my days are bad and I cry because I need someone there to talk to, to share my troubles, my fears and most of all my dreams. I've been through a lot of bad moments and if he would have been there none of this would have happened because he would have been there to protect me. I feel empty inside." 11th grader - (her father abandoned her and her mom when she was 2)


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm hugging my son today AND telling him that I love him. We shouldn't have to be reminded to love our kids, but these clips from real kids jolted me. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Especially from the 11 yr old without a father figure...I struggled so to keep their dad in their lives as difficult as it was and I know it has paid off.

Someone smarter than I told me it would.. Dear Lord please bless that person extra, for me.