Thursday, December 22, 2005

This Kind of Stuff Scares Me to Death

But parents need to know about it, think about it and be ready to do somethings about it.

Check this article out, and then the stats and advice below from the NY and London Times:

Caught In A Web Of Porn: On Justin Berry, The London Times,,7-1952467,00.html

A survey last year by the London School of Economics showed that the internet presented both opportunities and dangers for young people.
· 75 per cent of 9 to 19-year-olds have accessed the internet from a computer at home
· 19 per cent have internet access in their bedrooms
· 17 per cent of weekly users aged 9 to 19 have sent pictures or stories to a website
· 57 per cent of daily and weekly users aged 9 to 19 have come into contact with online pornography
· 38 per cent have seen a pornographic pop-up advert while doing something else; 36 per cent have accidentally found themselves on a porn site when looking for something else; and 25 per cent have received pornographic junk mail
· one third of daily and weekly users aged 9 to 19 have received unwanted sexual (31 per cent) or nasty (33 per cent) comments online or by text message
· 46 per cent have given out personal information to someone they met online
· 40 per cent say they have made untrue claims about themselves online
· 30 per cent have made an online acquaintance, and 8 per cent say they have met face to face with someone they first met online
· 63 per cent of home internet users aged 12 to 19 have taken action to hide their online activities from their parents

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