Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ryken's Study Bible

I've been meaning to say something about Ryken's Study Bible for a month now. Dr. Leland Ryken (English prof at Wheaton, well-known as a leader in the field in emphasizing a literary approach to understanding/interpreting Scripture, and Dad to Phil), Philip Ryken (Senior Minister of Tenth PCA in Philadelphia, PA, prolific author, and son to Leland), and James Wilhoit (CE prof at Wheaton) have joined forces to produce Ryken's Bible Handbook: A Guide to Reading and Studying the Bible (Tyndale, 2005). It is superb. The "fact sheets" that introduce each Bible book are worth the price of the handbook in and of themselves. This volume will prove a treasure trove to teachers, preachers and Bible students.

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